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"Part Practical, Part Educational, Always Strategic"

Focused Success

How do you prepare for success?

Limited resources  (time, money, and people) force us all to seek greater efficiency in all that we do. We assist clients in maximizing  their effectiveness through improved efficiency.

Expanded access allows for greater capacity and growth. Building partnerships and broadening outreach are ways to expand access. We assist clients in going "beyond" its norms. 

Creative new pathways can help us to conquer stumbling blocks and major obstacles. We utilize a variety of tools and techniques to assist clients in identifying strategies toward success.




Douglas Strategy Group, LLC is a professional consulting firm specializing in governmental affairs, community engagement, empowerment speaking, and policy-based research. In our workshops, facilitated meetings, and trainings, we employ a mix of traditional "tried and true" techniques and creative interactive methodologies to develop direction, leadership, and a path toward success. Our core sectors include local governments, small businesses, and political campaigns.

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