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What We Do

Notary Public

Pursuant to Title 26, Chapter 1 of the South Carolina Code of Laws, we are appointed by the SC Secretary of State and sworn to the oath of Notary Public. Thus, we are recognized for having the integrity to witness the signing of important documents to deter fraud.  We perform the following notarial acts or notarizations: Acknowledgments, Oaths & Marriage Ceremonies, Affirmations, Attestations & Jurats, Affadavits, Verifications & Proofs

Please note: We are not attorneys and do not take the place of them. We do not offer legal advice nor do we prepare deeds, wills, notes, mortgages, etc. We do not assist with transfers of property. 

Strategic Planning & Meeting Facilitation

One of the biggest waste of resources is an ineffective meeting. Poorly planned and facilitated meetings can lead to a waste of time, money, and productivity. Strategic planning and well organized meetings can lead to greater efficiency, new vision, and successful outcomes. Douglas Strategy Group LLC works with clients to develop the agenda, control the meeting flow, and focus on productive outcomes. Our facilitation styles encourage interactive participation and minimize one-way presentations.  Given our diverse backgrounds we can engage a variety of content topics as well as manage the meeting process.

Empowerment Speaking & Training

Keeping your team motivated and well-trained can be a daunting task. However, inspired and prepared productivity leads to soaring success. Whether its a business round table, political campaign team, or a grade school class, Douglas Strategy Group shares Pathways to Success through our keynote presentations and workshops. We customize workshops and training sessions to delve into deeper concepts and exercises on achieving success, maximizing efficiency, and broadening one's reach. 

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