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At Douglas Strategy, we specialize in public engagement and community outreach, offering tailored solutions that empower local governments, rural communities, nonprofits, and small businesses. Our approach involves comprehensive strategies to foster meaningful dialogue, build consensus, and drive collective action. By leveraging our expertise in communication and facilitation, we ensure that every voice is heard and integrated into the decision-making process, creating a more inclusive and responsive environment.

In addition to our engagement services, we provide robust government affairs and public advocacy support. Our team is adept at navigating the legislative landscape, offering invaluable assistance to organizations. From developing persuasive policy proposals to facilitating meetings with key stakeholders, we help our clients advance their agendas effectively. Our consulting services extend to strategic planning, organizational development, and capacity building, ensuring our clients are well-equipped to meet their goals. Furthermore, we offer dynamic speaking engagements and facilitation services, designed to inspire, educate, and mobilize audiences around critical issues.

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